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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday And Dang I Am Still Tired

After accidentally attempting to fly from the 4 ft. ladder on Wednesday, I took Thursday off from the moving and unpacking frenzy.  I caught up on "The Mentalist", "The Big Bang Theory" and a few other favorite TV shows.  Helped clear my head and rest my weary body.  Today was my turn to visit the new doctor.

May I just say the term new doctor has two meanings in this case.  Having relocated to the Round Rock area of Texas means new everything for us TOFs.  And when one is on Medicare, one's selections can be limited.  We fortunately have yet another personable new doctor.  Of course, he has to be new at being a doctor as he looks like a teenager.  The internet searches before seeing him said he is in his early 30's.  So he is not brand, spanking new but you can still see the glue residue from the price tag if he were an article you just bought.

Having grown up on Brooklyn, NY, he speaks so fast I had to ask a couple of times for him to repeat what he said.  And honestly it was more than a couple of times.  The newness of the medical staff and process was just enough different it threw me a curve at the end of the session.  I understood him to say the nurse will be in to ........   I sat for about 5 minutes.  The doctor opens the door and says he told me to go and give the paper to the nurse.  Oops, red face OF.  But that is okay.  I will adjust to the fact the nurse does not come back to hand out the papers and dismiss the patient.  Besides, it was nice just to sit quietly not looking at the canyon of boxes surrounding me in the new home.

I tell you some funny anecdote about the day but it is well past OF bedtime.  So good night, do not let the bed bugs bite.  And did I mention that I had to sign a paper at the apartment office that I did not have bedbugs in my home?  And that I had inspected the new apartment for bedbugs?  So really do not let the bed bugs bite.
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