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Monday, November 25, 2013

New Sounds

We have not lived in an apartment or other type of multifamily dwelling since September, 1969.  Sounds were limited to mostly what we created or passing cars.  Birds, dogs and children at play made up a lot of the sounds.  There were some motorcycle enthusiasts in our last neighborhood so there was some of that noise.

Living on a first floor apartment next to the stairwell is being intriguing.  Naturally there are the sound of steps from the person above us.  The footsteps of a person getting dressed and leaving for work then returning at the end of the day.  Obviously the person overslept this morning as the footsteps were a frenzy of activity.  Not sure if this will ever become irritating but for now it is mostly amusing.

Today Husband decided to see if I could hear him climbing the stairs.  We had heard rapid footfalls that seemed to emanate from the stairwell.  Husband's feet made no real sound.  I suspect the footfalls we hear are those of young persons bounding down the stairs.  Quite different than the plodding footsteps of a senior citizen.

Then there is the water heater.  3871's water heater made great, loud clunking sounds.  That was due to the lime buildup from 21 years of use without draining more than one time.  That heater was in the garage.  This heater is suspended on a large shelf above the dryer.  Yes, Husband has bumped his head on the shelf just today.  Ouch.  This heater is quite with only a small sound of the heater.

The washer and dryer are no closer to the living area than the ones at 3871.  We were spoiled to alerts for end of cycles on both the washer and dryer.  No such alert here.  We just have to listen for the end of the cycle.  With us either working and making noise or sitting with earphones, it is easy to miss the lack of noise of a turning dryer drum.

Oh, one other noise, wind.  The halls are open to the outdoors.  Wind whistles down the halls and under our door.  Husband commented it sounded as if we were living on the prairie.  Guess what, we are.  See the tumbling tumbleweeds!  These are all just a few observations of parts of our new life.
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