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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday and Sunday Sillies

You must understand that we are beyond having much energy left in our senior citizen bodies after the summer, moving preparations and the loss of Husband's Mom the day after closing on our home sale.  That event required a complete change of plans from a vacation to planning and having a memorial and burial of Mom making do with regular clothes as her burial clothing was on a van to another state.  And one of the days in all the turmoil of homeless folks living in a friends home the Jeep would not start without a jump from the BIL's vehicle.  There were a few run on sentences.  Get over it English teachers.  I am, also, on my last nerve, maybe.
Patio preview on Friday.  We can pile stuff here before 10!

Saturday morning, Husband, Son and I were on a mission to unload the 10' U Haul by 11:00 AM.  We could not get into the new apartment until we signed all the contract stuff at 10:00 AM.  We unloaded everything in the truck that went to the apartment onto the patio before 10;00, signed all the papers, received the key to the onsite storage unit and unloaded the items for the storage unit.  Thanks to planning ahead and having the apartment stuff toward the truck back, we did it and were only 14 minutes past the turn in time.  No penalty for being just 14 minutes late.  Thank you , U Haul and an amazing Son who has appointments and packing for international business trip to get done.

Husband gave me a high five on job well done as we leave the truck.

On our return trip from the U Haul store, we stop for laundry supplies.  We had 15 days of laundry built up due to the all the crazy stuff and having sold our washer and dryer a few days before the move.  Back at the apartment Husband and I bring in items from the patio and distribute through the apartment.  Clothing is sorted and the mountain of laundry is started.  Son has returned from his errands with lunch.  We eat standing around our new kitchen counter.  We forgot to keep out our folding lawn chairs.
New living, dining and kitchen area.  Can you say cozy?
As we are taking our last bites of wonderful egg salad sandwiches when our Longhorn Band Nephew arrives to help with the unloading and lifting.  Husband, Son and L B N make quick work of unloading the ton of rocks and stuff this idiot brought from Springfield to Round Rock, TX.  Well, there were some pots and other stuff, too.  But still, "rocks? wouldn't the moving company have carried these?", spilled from Son's mouth at some point.  LBN (that's Longhorn Band Nephew) had no such comments, just smiled at crazy, harmless Auntie Jan.  Son had a 3:00 deadline to return to do more laundry so he left.

We offered LBN some lunch/dinner at a location of his choice.  His phone found 5 restaurants withing 1/2 mile.  Sweet, let's go sit down and watch you eat while we drink something.  The key word in the last sentence is 'sit' as we still have no chairs in the apartment.  Taking a potty break to us means just going to sit on the stool to rest.  The edge of the garden bathtub is good for resting, also.  We blissfully sat, nibbled on an appetizer while swigging tea and sangria as LBN enjoyed sliders and hot wings.  We lingered and visited until time for LBN to leave for his appointment.

The short trip back to our apartment helped us realize how much we were already enjoying our new location.  LBN left for his appointment as we rolled the last of the items from the Jeep into the building.  We assured him he was welcome anytime and there would be free food.  He smiled and we smiled knowing poor college students and relatives have one thing in common besides mutual love and that is food.  We have discovered another reason to like this location, a wonderful nephew.

We like the view in the distance, beyond the road and water tower.

This post is getting too long and I am tired, again, tonight.  In part because of the events of the next few hours.  We gathered clothing to return to Son's apartment for the night.  He was out with a friend for the entire evening and we would have his place to ourselves for some much needed quite.  My cell was needing charging and all the chargers were at Son's apartment.  We drove up to his place and Husband let me out at the door.  It was probably 9:45 PM by now and we were ready for a shower and good night's rest....  And the fun began.

The door to son's apartment was locked.  I turned to Husband and asked if there was an arrangement?  None, so I checked under the doormat.  No key.  Give Son a call.  Oops, Husband's working cell was back at our apartment.  Really?  Ok, Son's BFF lives nearby and  has the extra key.  We head for BFF's and at 10:00 PM my husband with a ball cap covering his head and part of his face rings the doorbell.  BFF's wife opens the door finally once she recognizes Husband.  Yes, BFF has a key, it is on his keyring with him on an out of town business trip.....   Calls made, Son curses loudly.  Offers to stay at BFF's home, realize must take meds are back at our apartment.  Offer declined saying we will stay at Mariott next to new apartment.

One the way to the Mariott we have a Dave Ramsey moment, a night's stay in the motel is not in the budget.  K.  We go to our apartment and gather every piece of padding we have used in packing the trailer.  This along with our blanket is spread on the floor.  A top sheet and two afgans complete the king size pallet on the floor of our carpeted bedroom.  We shower, thankfully Martha Stewart's 'things to take with list' included the survival box of bathroom necessities, medicines and bedding.  Husband's CPAP machine is not available as it is captive in Son's apartment so he snores a fitful sleep.  I groan with each turn and a simple trip to the potty for the real purpose is a gymnast's act for each of us.  Multiple times.

After an adventurous night's 'rest' I awake thinking of how to arrange the office area to be able to unload a couple more boxes of 'valuables'.  Things look less valuable after a night on the floor instead of a soft bed.  Though tempted to reduce even further, I simply adapt to the available space.  We both dress and await the Son's call on Husband's working cell to tell us we can come to his apartment.  Husband  moves the Jeep from the 4th floor parking space to ground level.  We cannot use our assigned parking space for the Jeep as the trailer is parked there.

The call from Son comes and we clamber into the Jeep.  There is no grace in our movements as the carpet, padding and blanket made for a firm sleeping surface.  And Husband turns the key.  The dreaded response is the sound of the starter grinding to no avail.  The battery is dead.  He calls Son and Son drives over.  Husband announces we, who are dead tired and have been AAA members for 40 years, will push the Jeep uphill so Son can jump the battery.  I level my eyes at Husband and said flatly, "No way will I do this".  He frowns at me and says I am not being very cooperative as Son wants to jump the Jeep.  "No, Son is leaving for 12 days, the movers are coming tomorrow, we will use Son's vehicle and call AAA sometime in the next week.  The Jeep stays put next to my last nerve.  End of discussion, period."

Like I said, on my last nerve, maybe.  Son drops us at a bistro while he gets a haircut.  We get coffee and food but the answer is still no on jumping a Jeep.  Head for Son's apartment, zoom to Son's sons for bye hugs before 12 day business trip, we gas Son's vehicle while he has bye time.  Waves only at grandsons, off to airport, drop off Son, run a list of errands the last of which is go back to BFF's house and leave tickets to a concert.  We come to a stop in BFF's driveway which is only about a block from Son's sons' moms' home.  From out of nowhere Middle and Youngest Grandsons had found us.  They greeted us with two stinky, sweaty little boys' biggest hugs ever.  Then they ran back to their playmates.  I was no longer on my last nerve and neither was Grandpa/Husband.

Cause those two little, sweaty, stinky boys plus two more are why we moved.  I am one blessed Grandma.

Husband/Grandpa & Me/Grandma at our new digs patio.

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