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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Settling In

This Sunday morning two weeks after the 'locked out of our son's apartment' night we are enjoying a leisurely morning.  Yesterday was a productive day of rearranging and additional sorting.  We now have the little trailer almost full of additional items we are selling.  It is beginning to feel good to let go of the stuff.  It is like losing weight.  Now I will not pretend to be living a spartan life by any means.  There is still the whole storage room to sort and rearrange.  The load is lighter none the less.

Yes, it is a shame we did not do this while still in Springfield.  What can I say, it is a physical and emotional process.  Maybe it is because we are living closer to our son that I do not feel so compelled to hang on to his childhood and baby toys.  Maybe it is the lack of space for such luxury.  What ever the reason, it is happening and it feels good.

Yesterday we finally were able to get the top of the little freezer visible and accessible.  Today we hope to get the last of the boxes out of the living/dining area.  It will be good if we can actually use the breakfast counter and stools for more than just piling what we unpack.  Each day brings us closer to that goal.  Surely there is plenty still to do but it is so much better.  

It is pleasant to be sitting on the sofa in the evenings and look out the sliding glass doors.  The view is one of a long distance valley and rise covered with the lights of a small city.  Not the high rises normally associated with a city, more the lights of homes.  It is fun to watch the busy street that runs about 60 feet from the same doors.  Watching the busy lives of folks going to and from work in the nearby companies like Dell and Emerson.

The nearby businesses help fuel the need for restaurants in the immediate area.  We have been taking full advantage of the variety and ease of access to these restaurants over the last two weeks.  Nothing like a day of unpacking, sorting and schlepping boxes to and fro to work up a healthy appetite.  Likewise the schlepping wears down TOFs to the point we do not wish to cook.  So off we go to help boost the food industry economy!

The weather has turned quite cold for this area.  There were actual potential freeze warnings for the next couple of nights.  But we do not need to worry about faucets or the bathroom cabinets being left open.  We will focus on making a pot of soup and relaxing on this cold, cloudy Sunday in Round Rock, Texas.  The Jeep has its Texas plates and we are truly settling in to our new surroundings.

Gene in his favorite new place.

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