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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday Sanity

After weeks of lots to do I find myself this day feeling at loose ends.  Things that must be done like ordering flowers and choosing clothing for burial are not available till tomorrow.  Things that can be done, clearing out Edna's few remaining possessions, are being done by Husband and BIL.  I am doing my best to put my mind into neutral, to coast a little.  To gather strength for the next few days of a few family members arriving for the burial.  I am working to not worry that there is not place for them.  Even Son will be staying with other friends.  Cousins will need to fend for themselves, I guess.

There is still the final stages of our move to complete here in Missouri as well as in Round Rock.  The original plan for dealing with all the extra stuff we could not carry is no longer as cost effective.  A trip is no longer a need for Edna.  We now have a plan that resolved that part of the issue.  It is our plan and one with which we feel comfortable.  And that is all that matters to us.  Rent a small moving truck and donate the Lincoln. Yes, I need to just be a Mary for a few days instead of a Martha.  I need to choose to focus on God and learning from this experience.  So on this traditional Christian day of rest I shall do just that.

One Last Look 

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