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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where The Heck Is......?

With moving comes lots of fun games of hide and seek.  We have cleared out enough boxes now to get to the wall to hang the TV.  Isn't that a funny thing to say, hang the TV.  I can remember my folks first black and white TV that sat on a swivel stand with four iron legs.

Those are the legs but not the big black metal box TV.

Next came the console TV's and eventually the home entertainment centers.  As Husband and his dad had TV repair shops we lifted more of those huge, heavy things than either of us care to remember.  I can assure none of these TVs would have been hung on a wall without a contractor involved.

All this TV talk really brings me to the subject of tonight, "where are things?"

  1. Toilet paper.  We had brought 4 camper rolls.  Those were almost gone when I finally located the box that had the 9 rolls I had packed.  
  2. Bandages.  One thing we always need and quickly used the small supply in my travel bag.  Finally gave up and purchased a new supply.
  3. Butter for toast.  Could not move it, forgot to buy it and butter flavored Crisco is just nasty when used as a spread.
  4. Bras.  As much as I hate them society norms require I wear them in public.  My two least hated were not to be found.  Finally 'discovered' one in the dirty clothes I left at Son's place.  The second was hanging on the backside of the utility room door which had boxes stacked in front of it.
  5. Support socks.  Husband and I both have problems with swelling ankles and calves.  These socks were like my bra, in the dirty clothes.
  6. Charging cords.  We can find more ways to hide these from ourselves.  Finally unpacked the charging station with all sorts of chargers.
  7. Envelopes and stamps.  With Husband's mom's passing there are numerous items he must attend to by mail.  Finally, stamps & envelopes.  Which reminds me, must get started on thank you notes for all the kind gifts and sympathy cards.
  8. Level.  Still searching.  Found a square so improvised for hanging the holder for stuff like waxed paper and foil.
  9. Stud finder.  Still searching.  Cannot hang the TV till this is found.....  Guess that finally explains why I started writing about TV's instead of hunting for stuff.
  10. Husband.  Yes, I managed to lose him in 880 sq. ft.  Finally called loudly enough for him to decide to answer.  He was standing in the shower with the curtain pulled and no water running.  Guess he just needed a little alone time.
I am certain that we will continue this game of hide and seek for weeks, months and possibly years.  Eventually we will forget we even have the darn stuff and not even think to look for it.  Now, where did I lay my mouse in this mess?

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