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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another Day

Saturday is just another day this week.  It is 3 days after Christmas and 4 days to the new year.  Guess that is almost a hump day or maybe that is tomorrow.  I awoke yesterday knowing I was coming down with a cold or something like that.  Coughing and sneezing a little were about the only symptoms.  Husband, my hero, went to short distance to the drug store and picked up cough syrup, cough drops and lemon drops, the last just for fun.

My penguin slippers keep me company on a sick day.  Thanks, Kathy

I went ahead cleaned the apartment floors, showered and dressed while he was gone to the store.  Like I said it is a small place and does not take long to vacuum and mop.  I did a little more laundry.  Dinner was a minestrone soup from a mix.  I added ground beef and some other stuff the mix suggested.  It worked for a meal.  Not as good as the rosemary potatoes and chicken with a side of strawberry, walnut and romaine salad we had the previous night.  But Babe Ruth did not hit a home run every time at bat, either.

Like I said all that was yesterday.  I slept okay.  It was 11 before I woke up and I had gone to bed at 10:30 PM or so.  The cough syrup and a cough drop by the bedside made for the long sleep.  When I finally woke up I opened my mouth to say good morning and no sound.  I cleared my throat and got a drink of water.  At last a sound came out of my throat.  It sounded like a talking motorcycle, probably a Harley.  I answered a call from our son about 3 hours later.  He thought I had just awakened.  I assured him this was better than when I first tried to speak.  He called back about an hour later and again I answered.  He simply broke up on the other end of the connection.  He managed to stop laughing long enough to say he did not expect to speak to a frog.  I guess this is a froggy Saturday.

It has been a few weeks since I had run a computer check.  I started Spybot.  It found a few things and could not remove all of them.  Then I started a Malwares complete scan.  Twenty plus infections.  I had never had infections before today.  As several of the infections were in the registry, I did not feel secure in attempting to use stuff I had to remove from the computer.  So I contacted online help and 6 1/2 hours later my computer is virus free.  Sure enough the registry was in critical condition.  Caught it just before life support was necessary.  Now I have expanded security for the computer.

Feeling fine tonight, still talking several octaves below my normal range.  Computer is up and running pretty good.  No change in its tones. Husband managed to get the trailer emptied today so we can begin filling it again as we clear more stuff from the storage rooms.  Footstools for living area are in shipment.  Teapot and new jeans for Husband are being prepared for shipment.  It has been just another day in paradise fighting human and software viruses!

And for those friends who have been wondering about how the settling in is going here are a few pictures of the place.
The Husband in the usual position.
Need one more candle.

Penguins taking a nap.

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