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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just Another Day In Tejas

I think we have spent too much time in my Sister's home this year.  I know which week the ladies come to clean, how to park the car for optimum exit ability of all four doors and where most of the dishes are kept without asking.  I still am looking for stuff in my new kitchen.  But we are not home now.  We are back in the Dallas area for Thanksgiving celebrations and a little business.

Our trailer is full of things we do not have room for in the new digs.  We will be taking these items to an on line auction place here in this part of the state.  There was not one we found in Austin with the same, easy format.  We have some really well traveled stuff!  Once we return to Round Rock on Tuesday there will be a trip to an upscale consignment store in south west Austin.  A couple more trips to consignment shops should have us much lighter in the possession column.

But then there is still all the Christmas stuff that I have not even begun to look into!  Oh, my, probably 14 or 15 plastic tubs of stuff.  And we live in a 2 tub size home.  Guess there is the chance of more than just one trip to consignment stores and the Salvation Army store.  The Salvation Army store is about 4 blocks from our apartment so that works well for popping by on the way to some other location.

This Holiday was not too hectic.  The four days were busy with meals, campfires, TCU football, Christmas shopping and just visiting with family.  Homemade apple and pumpkin pies were prepared by Son, Girlfriend and Middle Grandson.  I made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast treats.  Oh, yes, there was the excitement of a small, black snake in the bathroom., football

This has to be one of the most boring blogs on the web.  Now if you want to be sitting on the edge of your chair, go see "Gravity".  I have not worked that hard watching a movie since "The Fugitive".  I was dodging space debris, reaching for equipment, grabbing tools and straining to hold on to the space station.  I am having to rest up just to go to bed.  Sis, B I L and Husband were just as pumped by the end of the movie as I was.

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