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Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa, Baby

See the resemblance to Santa?
Some Spinners may think I am being too personal with Santa in my spin on this weeks subject, Letter to Santa.  Truth is my jolly, elf of a husband with his white beard is frequently called Santa by children.  And not just during the Christmas season.  More than once we would sit behind a small child at church and watch the child's eyes light up in delight.  Then the child would turn to the Mom or Dad noting Santa was sitting right behind them.  We loved it.  Husband volunteered at a school in an underprivileged neighborhood as a greeter.  Usually he would wear a 'Santa' hat around the Christmas season.  Younger children were thrilled to have Santa greeting them at school.

This year we have not been in a setting for that to happen.  All the small children we have been around know Husband and that he is not Santa.  Husband is wearing his beard shorter, almost just a goatee which helps not look so much like Santa.  But I miss the light in the eyes of the children and his,too.

This year, Santa Baby, I want
  • To see joy in Husband's eyes again.  You can leave the sables alive, well and running around making more baby sables.  I do not want an expensive coat.  I just want that twinkle back again in Husband's blue eyes.
  • To see grandsons actually open our gifts in front of us, not just hear about it in a phone call.  For the second time ever.
  • To see a Nelson Mandela mentality in more leaders instead of Hitleresque leaders.
  • To see my Mom celebrate daily the joys of life instead of the losses in her life.
  • That sweater I saw at the store today that I told Husband about and had the lady lay aside for him.  Just a little help for the Jolly, old elf.
To gauge how successful a letter to Santa can be let's review last year's wish list:
  • A new car.  This year I have no car by choice.  We chose to donate my car that was 18 years old with 212,000 plus miles.  I hope that car continues to run for two more years for the ministry that received it.
  • I wished for new shoes with arch supports.  They were received and have made a huge difference in my walking comfort.  
  • While I will not see the grandsons on Christmas morning, we now live 5 miles from them.  I have seen them every four or five days over the last 2 weeks.  Beats Christmas morning once every decade or so.
  • Gene's mom will never eat at my table again.  She is feasting in heaven and maybe eating some of Granny's rolls.  And that makes me happy for her.  And I sold my table before the move.
  • Turns out I did not need a cap for my teeth, just sensitive teeth toothpaste.  Even better!  Husband did get a new tooth cap.  
  • Living in a loft apartment with a slightly higher commode is working out good for me, too.
  • Bought pj's myself.
  • Put the decorations up ourselves.  Turned out to be the last time.  Glad we did the whole 9 yards last year.  You know, one last time.
So, thanks, Santa Baby, for all the good stuff.  I have high hopes for this year's list.  All those things I asked for that are more under the heading of 'things to pray for', well, could you pray, too?  Us mortals need all the prayers we can get. As for the whole naughty/nice thing, I am taking my pills regularly to not be so naughty.  Do not forget Husband and I have moved.  I'll private message the new address.  And, Santa, please, go to Gretchen's Second Blooming or Ginny's Lemon Drop Pie to read more letters to you.   These bloggers have all been really nice this year!

Second Blooming
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