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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Spin Cycle and California Dreamin'

So as I sit in Round Rock, TX, I find it ironic that the December weather is colder than it has been in several years.  It is 27 degrees here, 12 degrees in our former home area.  No snow here but about 7 inches in Springfield.  I will miss the beautiful snowfall and the cleanness of the fresh snow.  I do not want snow here.  The main reason is logistics and equipment.  There is no reason for an area to invest in all the equipment it takes to keep roads and streets plowed when it snows so seldom.

Another reason I do not want it to snow here is driving.  One must know how to drive in snow and ice.  That takes practice.  Even the first snowfall each year where we lived had more accidents cause we humans forget.  I fishtailed more than once on slick spots.  Never bumped anything, though.  Well, except my rear.  I fell a few times on ice or packed snow.  Like I said us humans forget how to move on slick surfaces.

Gretchen at Second Blooming is wishing for a Currier and Ives Christmas.  I had several while living in Missouri.  They are a beautiful thing to see.  The snow gives a wonderful effect to Christmas lights.  While I recall the beauty, that is not what I am dreaming for right now.  I am so anal that I am dreaming of organization in our life again.

Simple stuff is what I am dreaming of this year:

  • Frozen chicken breasts,  We always kept a supply of chicken breasts in our freezer.  Many of our go to meals involve chicken breasts.  I am dreaming of chicken breasts so meal planning can be easier.  Husband was able to get some additional storage shelves hung today.  Now we can get into the freezer without moving piles of stuff.  At last I can buy the frozen chicken breasts!  
  • Light Timers.  Finding just one of the small light timers seems like a dream tonight.  I spent probably one hour looking for the two I know are hiding in this small apartment.  Where is the question.
  • Ketchup.  We went to the grocery store to 'stock up' for the first time since the move.  Ketchup was not on the list.  I miss ketchup.  Think I'll pick some up once I figure out where it is in the new grocery stores.
  • Two working brain cells firing together.  I cannot seem to get anything accomplished in a timely manner as I am easily derailed.  Or I just plainly forget what the heck I was doing.  I cannot seem to get it together to get cards written.
  • No more boxes to be unpacked.  The apartment has only the pictures for hanging still to be unboxed.  But the storage room is a totally different story.  We have actually rented a second storage room just to have room to do the unpacking and sorting in.  Sure wish Husband had said only one bedroom forever originally!
  • Good sales on the consignment items.  Show me the money!
  • Last but by far the most important, a joyous and safe Holiday Season for all my friends, family and bloggers!
Lay your head back, click here and see what others are dreaming about during these days in December.
I am going to just hang here a bit longer as I am needing me some Mamas and Papas about now.

Second Blooming
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