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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Alive and Kicking

I know there are friends and family that check this blog to check on us.  I have been remiss in posting the last few days.  Honestly my energy is still a little lacking from the whatever it was I had.  I can talk now but still have some challenges with heavy coughing at times.  Now that I have my health report out of the way I will move to Husband.

He is using the gym facilities here on a regular basis.  It seems to be keeping his knee nice and flexible as well as strengthening his ankles.  So he is doing better.  In my opinion the main difference for both of us is no heavy lifting for the past month or so.  Once it is somewhat warmer later this week we will begin tackling the storage rooms.  Hope to combine into just one unit.  Time will tell.

Yesterday Husband put together my sewing table.  I managed to fill 4 of the 5 drawers pretty quickly last night.  Today was just book work, balancing checkbooks and some laundry for us.  Son and Dr. B took him to a sports bar to watch the big game tonight.  He made it back about 11ish.  He sure was clucking at getting to spend time with our son.

Saturday we had dinner with Son, Friend and three grandsons.  It was fun to watch the excitement as they unwrapped the gifts their dad, Friend and we had for them.  They surprised Grandpa with a shirt and me with a pair of house shoes.  Middle Grandson jumped up and down when he unwrapped the two wrist supports.  The supports were from Dollar Tree but he loved them.  I had ordered a mouse pad for Husband that said, "World's Greatest Ninjapa" for him a gift for this exchange.  Oldest Grandson smiled and noted he had named Grandpa that!  All three boys sort of danced around saying Ninjapa, giggling and laughing the entire time.

I had "made" Youngest a Dallas Cowboy fleece blanket.  He was all wrapped up in it sitting on the footstool playing video games.  He turned and without any prompting said, "Thanks, Grandma, for my blanket."  Then he smiled that shy smile he has and those dark blue eyes twinkled as he turned back to the game.  My heart melted.  It was a wonderful evening.

There is the report for those of you who were wondering.  Oh, by the way.  Today is the first time I thought about not having a second vehicle.  Husband was to go over to Son's early to assist with pinewood derby cars which would leave me with no vehicle.  I had thought about going to get groceries while he was gone.  Oops, no car.  Oh, well, I decided I did not need to get out in the chilly temperatures with this respiratory/sinus/crud thing still hanging on anyway.

Here is hoping that all the friends and family living with the extremely cold temperatures and snow are ok.  It is supposed to set record low temperatures here again tonight.  But this is nothing to what the folks up further north are having to deal with tonight.  Here is sending you love and warm hugs.  And thanks for stopping by to check on us.  And we enjoy any comments you leave!
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