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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Grandpa Is Almost Always Right

Son, Oldest and Youngest grandsons dropped by this afternoon.  Son had been in Brazil on business so he was ready for down time.  Middle Grandson was in Houston with his drum group playing for America's Got Talent.  That is pretty exciting stuff!

It had been a few weeks since the boys had been here to the apartment.  We have been going to their place to visit.  What this means is I have had time to get more of the games and other toys unpacked and made easily available.

Youngest and I explored the two storage rooms.  He loved being able to find games and a jump rope in the level one storage area.  In the upper level we found what is probably a genuine antique toy, a carrom board.  This was used by Ninjapa and his brother as youngsters so you know it is old.  Youngest thought it would be a great choice for playing.  It was sure fun to see the excitement in his eyes uncovering this treasure.

Not ours but close

Again, not ours but close.

We brought the board into the apartment.  It was a big success.  Youngest and Oldest helped me set it up on a small, low cart.  They played a game then it was Ninjapa's turn with Youngest.  After Youngest 'beat' Gramps, he was ready for some outside activity.  It was time then for Ninjapa and Oldest to play.  It was decided the board and the little circle's could use a good polishing before the next visit.

While the older guys were watching games on TV and playing carrom, Youngest was videoing a bird in a tree across the street.  I went outside to check on him.  He was wishing for more birds to video.  We walked to the nearby pond that almost always has ducks paddling around.  We were not disappointed as there were probably at least 50 ducks.  If his eyes lit up at the carrom board, they were like fireworks seeing the ducks.

Youngest was so sweet and fun as he cautiously moved along the steep banks of the pond/water runoff area.  Something spooked the ducks and most took flight.  He was able to get it on video.
Using the paved area of the shopping center we walked closer to the end of the pond where the few remaining ducks were paddling.  At last I declared we needed to get back as we had been gone quite a long time.  His dad might be worried about us.  So we headed back and that is when the big excitement happened.

I had been seeing a bird I thought was a hawk for a couple of weeks.  Husband/Grandpa/Ninjapa assured me it was a turkey vulture.  I had been on line looking at the different types of hawks but Husband was the expert.  But there across the pond was a hawk.  It plunged into the grass and disappeared while lunching of some varmint.   After a time it rose and headed for a tree.  Not liking that perch it took to the air.  It circled downward and then within 30 ft. of Youngest and I was a hawk gracefully sailing.  And Youngest had it all on video.

I told Youngest I needed him to show Grandpa the video cause I was right for a change.  "I am almost never right,"  I said to youngest.  "Yes, Grandpa is ALWAYS right, Grandma, except this time," was Youngest's reply.  And we headed for the apartment to show Grandpa that Grandma can sometimes be right.
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