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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Submerged Saturday

Working on the whole refresh word today without even trying.  This morning before I was even dressed for the day the phone rang.  Well, Husband's cell rang.  It was Son saying he was 3 minutes away and needed to borrow more extension cords, a work table and the wall stud finder.  I was almost dressed when he knocked on the door.  His dad was dressed so he went to the front door and no one was there.  But there was still knocking.  Oh, we do have another door that does not require coming through the coded entryways.  Neither of us had the opportunity for coffee so directional perception was still not up to par.

Doing the usual parent things, Dad started coffee for the son and we asked if he wanted something to eat. "No, not hungry yet" was the answer.  So I set the 2 lb. can of cashews in front of Son.  Yep, he opened it, got a handful of nuts and put the lid back on the can.  Then he told me to get it out of his reach!  In the mean time Dad had toasted a bagel, sliced off a dab of cream cheese and poured 2 cups of fresh French press coffee.  These items were set on the breakfast bar between Son and Dad's places.  Son promptly took half of the bagel, a cup of coffee and began eating.  It is what older parents do, feed the kids even if they are 40 years old and say they are not hungry.

Next came the trip upstairs to get the extension cords.  If you have been around this blog lately you already know we have two storage units here.  One is so full I can hardly step in and turn around.  The second has a few additional items for consignment and donation.  The upstairs unit is the aforementioned piled to the ceiling and no room to turn situation.  Fortunately the tub of extension cords, yes, I said tub of extension cords, is in the front so it was easily opened.  Now we have 3 less extension cords.  I did not notice the absence when closing the storage room door.

Son left with all the items.  The remainder of the morning we piddled around on the computers, putting away a few more things in the first floor storage room and straightening the living area.  One other thing was rearranging some of the closet items.  I had noticed one of the shelves looking as if it was bending in one area.  The rearranging worked as the shelf no longer appears to be near collapse.

With all the apartment stuff finished it was time for an errand run.  Exchanges at two different stores, pick up some batteries and check out coffee mugs at two other stores.  I have not mentioned my coffee mug quest.  When Son was eating his 'unwanted' bagel this morning I mentioned that I was not pleased with the mugs I had purchased because of the handle.  I demonstrated that it did not fit my fingers as good as I wanted. Son shook his head mumbling something like, "Is this how retirement will look, seeking the perfect handle on your coffee mug?"  My retort was the same he has heard for decades, "Fine, just fine."

I do not know about the rest of you folks but how the handle fits my hand is more important in my older years.  In part cause I need a life, possibly.  Mostly it is important as it is not as easy to hold certain shapes as it was in the past. The following are the variations I have looked at over the last few weeks.

The single finger handle is almost impossible to balance
especially with an arthritic thumb.

I do not want another cup with something written one it.
Good handle opening and size, though.

Like the shape but not glass.

Nice but not the right colors.

Yes, I know, way too picky.  I am 67 and refreshing my life.  So it will be the color, shape and fit I like cause I will live with it a long time!.  So here is what I finally settled on for the new place.

In the middle of the errands Husband received a call.  It was Middle grandson asking if he/Grandpa could come to his Dad's (our Son's) place and help with a problem.  You bet, we will be right there! After spending time waiting for a train to move s l o w l y through the intersection on 620 we made it to Son's place.  Husband/Dad/Ninjapa/Grandpa was needed to assist with aligning a new blade on the band saw.  The other new blade purchased earlier today had already broken.  Husband and Son were able to resolve the issue, align all components and snug all bolts.  The cuts began to go as needed so we were dismissed.

Errands were completed.  Dinner was eaten at a nearby restaurant.  We returned to our home, put away purchases, made a cup of tea and sat down to relax.  I had spent my day submerged in my family, exploring new streets to reach destinations and relishing every minute of the day.  The end of this day finds me feeling the beginnings of the needed return of energy.  I am clucking like an ol' mamma hen taking care of her chicks.  And I stole some sugar from Middle grandson!  Life is sweet!
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