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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Is Still Tuesday

In January of 2013 we decided to make a big change.  We would replace our recliners with somewhat smaller chairs so we would have more room for guests in the living area.  In March we spent a few weeks travelling and playing with family.  April brought a change in jobs for our son and he said it would be helpful for us to live closer.  Mid May we located realtors and began the process of selling our house.  From the May time frame on through December life has been a series of more changes.

Changes from choosing to no longer be homeowners to moving to a different state.  Changes in more than our life as Husband's mom and aunt passed away in November and December respectively.  Changes like my mom being able to walk again after surgery.  Change like my mom no longer being able to care for herself in a safe manner and moving to assisted living.  Change of the last living uncle having to move to assisted living.  Change is a part of life.

I am sitting in the chair we bought at the beginning of last year.  Husband is sitting in his, too.  Buying chairs consumed several trips shopping for just the right chairs to work at 3871.  There is not a lot of the things of 3871 left in our lives.  I have learned that things are not all that important.  Letting go of things has been a very freeing change.

With all the changes this year, Tuesday is still just Tuesday.
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