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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vortex Of Life

What did you get caught up in this week?
A snow storm?
A wind storm?
The storm of Life?

What spiral of activity did you encounter?
Laundry with no end?
A backed up stool?
A baby that was ill?

Did you feel you were being sucked into the vortex?
As a shattered barn pulled into a tornado?
As a ruthless mob breathed to life by talking heads?
As an uplifting joy at the sound of a loved one calling your name?

With what will you allow Life to engulf your being?
A life surrounded with storms of drudgery?
A blustery life filled like a cesspool with nothing but hate?
A calmness of faith to weather the storms of Life?

In my mind I remember the sight of the little girl on Saturday.
She was wearing a sweet dress with an extra ruffle at the hem.
The Cub Scouts raced their pinewood derby cars in a straight line.
She twirled and twirled with arms outstretched in a vortex of pleasure.

Simple pleasure.
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