Monday, January 20, 2014

Wine Class

One of our Christmas gifts was a wine tasting class at Central Market.  We surely did enjoy this class this evening.  We sampled 5 different Pinot Noir along with cheese, breads and sausages.  Yum.  The wines were from Burgandy, France, Argentina, Oregon, and two California wineries.  We brought one wine home with us from the Amica Wine Cellers of California.

There are some folks who have been kind to invite us into their home for dinner several times over the last few years.  They are friends of our son.  They enjoy wine and good cheeses.  I purchased some brie and puff pastry to give the baked brie a try.  One of the cheeses we were served tonight was a lovely, creamy cheese.  Probably will have to make my way back down to Central Market next month to get some of that cheese, too.  Once I have that in place along with some other hors d' oeuvres I will get a date set to invite the friends over here.

We received the check for our dining chairs last week!  I was pleased with the amount they brought.  Now if the furniture refinisher will ever get Mom's table completed!  There are still two pieces of furniture at the consignment store.  Hoping they sell soon!  I may see if the consignment store takes pictures.  I seem to have about 4 times as many pictures as I have walls to hang them!  Most are either still unpacked from the move or stacked in a box in our closet.

I had a thought today about a blog subject I hoped would be fun and of interest.  It is a real shame I cannot for the life of me remember a thing about it.  Maybe if I just go to bed and sleep on it I can remember.  But do not count on it.  I probably killed a few brain cells at the wine class tonight.  Oh, well, raise a glass with us and Cheers!

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