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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Night Spring Forward

After a night of lightning and thunder today has been rather quite.  We took the day to watch "Man on a Ledge".  Enjoyable for a quite afternoon.  Mostly it was just computer surfing today.  Gene was energetic enough to walk to Sam's for a few groceries.  If you can get a few of anything at Sam's.

It has been a day with not even any phone calls.  Quite is a nice sort of way to be these days.  We are still resting our minds a little.  I did have fun on Friday sorting through some of our son's infant clothing.  Many of the items were stained and I was able to remove the stain from most of them.  One item I was able to remove the stains was a little infant t-shirt.  It was embroidered by my sister.  It said, "I love my Aunt Suzie".  The shirt is about 40 years old.  He still does love his Aunt Suzie, Aunt Mak Mak and Aunt Arlene.

The eight clocks in our one bedroom apartment have sprung forward.  An hour gone till sometime this fall.  We may spring into action a little more tomorrow.  Unpack a few more boxes.  But mostly we will just be quite and not pay much attention to the time on any of the eight clocks.

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