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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Making Things Pretty

My sister and her husband live in a lovely home up in North Texas.  She and her husband moved into the house in 1996 just in time for Christmas.  The property backs up to a local lake system.  Trees, grass, water and a wonderful outdoor space make this such a welcoming place to visit.   The process of living in the home has been such that the last couple of years has seen updating to the interior and exterior.  BIL has redone some of the front flower beds.  Sissy has overseen the interior face lifts.

This week my rusty curtain making skills are being put to the test.  We are making new valences for the kitchen dining area and guest room.  Each is a different technique for hanging.  I am sure if I had been more aware of all the new fangled header tapes the process would have been a little quicker but that is ok.  I have it figured out in my own little mind for now.  The final item we hope to do is recover a couple of window seat cushions in the guest room.  As slow as I have become it make take two trips to complete the said projects.

Dress had semi cathedral train and veil.
Work of this type must be done under the supervision of The master seamstress, Mom.  She enjoys spending time with us.  She likes watching us sew and use items we took from the downsizing of her possessions last summer.  Things like cutting boards, marking pens and measuring devices to name a few.  During the process we talk of the things she has made.  Sister's wedding gown for one thing.  How did you handle all those yards of material?  All the bead work?

Mom was a truly amazing seamstress till she damaged her right hand and shoulder in separate falls.  The final blow was the fall when she broke her wrist.  But she still has the knowledge and the willingness to share.  And we are willing to listen, which is important, too.  After all the trauma of the hip replacement, rehab an moving to assisted living last year, it is good to see her walk outside to look at BIL's newest garden area.  It highlights her birdbath and two posts she always put on her front porch.

I am finally rested from the whole prep and selling of our home, the death of Husband's Mom and our relocation back to a my home state.  We are still settling into the apartment but at a casual pace.  Husband is near the end of the final estate closeout of his Mom and Dad's finances.  The gravestone for his Mom is engraved.  It feels like that chapter of our life is about to come to a close.  It is so good to drive after an afternoon lacrosse game and be with my sister and mother.  It is a joy to see grandsons weekly.  I pleases me to get a request for Grandma's cinnamon rolls next weekend.  And just doing some sewing for my Sissy to make things pretty.

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