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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In Memory of ACD

Friends we had
Joys we shared
We surely had fun.
Those times are done.

Today some time was spent helping organize a list about former employees of a company.  I spent 20+ years of my life working there.  Others in the group on Facebook worked 30 and almost 40 years for the firm.  The list is a sad list.  It is the list of departed coworkers.  Seems to be such a large number lost to cancer. Was it their lifestyle or the caustic chemicals and fiberglass dust that filled the air of the plant for so many of those years?  It would be hard to say since folks worked with a lit cigarette in an ashtray at their workstation.  

Whatever the reason, there have been several folks die in their fifties.  Some heart attacks, several cancer and a few accidents.  They are missed enough by those of us still here that we started a list in memorial to the folks.  A morbid task in some ways but a way to reconnect to folks with a shared experience in life, earning a living at a firm named Litton ACD.  A firm that is likewise deceased.

Advanced Circuitry Division

May she rest in peace.  May she remain in the memory of her employees and the families she fed, clothed and to which she helped provide health care and education funding.

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