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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Temporarily hung the new curtains in our bedroom last evening.  Much happier with this choice of materials.  Decided to go with just two panels that can be closed at night.  Sure enough, no sun in my eyes at 6 AM.  Unfortunately that meant I did not pull my lard out of bed till 9:30 this morning.  I decided I did not care.  We had kept ourselves and Icie busy yesterday.

Groupons can be addictive.  The deals do make the cost of doing fun things a little less expensive.  Husband had mentioned to the folks at the frame shop (used livingsocial discount) he was wanting to visit a museum.  He has been having problems with cabin fever.  I call it faunching at the bits.  Maybe I should just move his chair so he looks out the window.  No, the furniture does not fit that way.  Behold, a Groupon for a visit to Blanton Museum on the UT campus for half price admission!  One was purchased Sunday evening without Husband's knowledge.

In cleaning out Mom's place last year, I inherited a large tub of material.  Most of the material was not something I would wear.  I was not sure how to use it.  Opportunity presented itself in the form of Center Stage, a theater group Youngest grandson acts in a few times a year.  Remembering the days of the Aurora theater group scrounging for costumes, the material was offered back in early spring.  Last week we received a call saying, "Yes!"  Now to get it delivered to the location about 12 miles away.

Youngest as Andre the Giant, April, 2014
Youngest has requested a fort for his part of the bed in red, black and green.  Sunday I went through the tub of material and found black and green, no suitable red though.  After arising at 7 due to the aforementioned sun in eyes effect, we enjoyed some freshly brewed coffee.  Breakfast, emails and some online business.  Hubs was getting faunchy again.  I told him to get dressed, we were going to deliver the material then visit a museum.  There were other errands to be done, too.

After dressing in something besides sit around the house clothes, gathering the ever present coupons and Groupons we were ready.   We headed out the door by 11:30 AM and Monday became the day to get 'er done.  First, deliver the material.  Forgot to bring the address for the theater so just programmed Lucy, Icie's route friend, for the airport.  I knew the turn off from that route to get to the theater.  Hubby was surprised that I remember these turns.  Guess he thought I was not watching when we went there previously.  Material was graciously accepted along with the tub.  9 cubic feet of space in our place available for us now, probably 100 yards of materials for the theater.  Win Win.

Next to the Blanton Museum.  Had the address, Lucy's mother, the overseer of all voice commands in Icie, must have needed new batteries in her hearing aid.  She kept trying to send us to Houston.  Austin and Houston sounded alike to her.  So we spelled it and were finally programmed for the route.  It was less than two miles to the museum.  I failed to see the parking building next to the museum.  (By the way I am driving if we are in Icie.  My car, I drive.)  Hubs is learning to be navigator.  Hub's sense of directions are way off down here.  Oh, well.  we managed to get us into the parking garage next to the museum, parked and back down to ground level.

It is heating up but the walk was pleasant with the large trees along the walkway.  Lots of squirrels so accustomed to humans they almost trip us as we walk.  We casually stroll up to the door.  Upon seeing the hours of operation sign, I think to myself, "Stupid Dragon, museums are usually closed on Monday."  The thought happens as Hubs bumps his nose on the door trying to push through it.  Oops.  At least you are not in the apartment I reminded him. You are out walking around, learning the city, tripping over squirrels and running into doors.  That did not improve his mood.

We headed on to other errands like looking for the red material for fort #2 at a couple of stores, 50% off coupon in hand.  Next over to Fry's for a fiber optic audio cable to connect the TV to the sound system, no coupon.  Then it was to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner, it is two for $14.95 night.  With no more coupons, we returned to the apartment complex.  We stopped by the office and picked up the new drapes (bought online with cash back from ebates and % off code).  We made it back to the apartment at about 6 PM.  That is a long day for a couple of old folks.  We managed to slide the drapes on the window in the bedroom, wrinkles and all.

But who knows how much longer we would have kept going had there been more Groupons, Living Social deals or coupons.  Maybe I need a sticker for Icie:


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