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Monday, June 2, 2014

Swim Meets

We spent May 31 morning watching the Round Rock Dolphins in a swim meet with the Georgetown teams.  There are three grandsons competing in various races.  As we have been attending the soccer games we have become familiar with the other boys that participate along side the grandsons.  In swim caps, goggles and trunks recognition of any of the boys is difficult.  We look for how they walk.

Swimming is not something that has ever been in my wheelhouse.  I was never much of an athlete.  Flexible, agile, even a little graceful but never athletic.  Sewing I can do ok.  Cleaning I do ok.  To be honest I do lots of things ok.  Good enough.  Perfection is no longer something I strive to accomplish.

Watching those young swimmers pushing themselves was entertaining.  For the last swimmers that were coming in 30 seconds behind the next to last swimmer was sad in one way.  The looks on those faces as they struggled to make across the pool pulled at the heart strings.  The crowd would applaud as the struggling swimmer touched the pool's edge.  These children were pushing to better themselves.  Parents were walking along the edge of the pool encouraging them to pull, pull, pull.

Were we watching some future Michael Phelps?  Who knows.  One of the assistant coaches had tried out for the last Olympic swim team.  Another coach has trained participants in all levels of competition including the Pan American and Olympic competitions.  I do know that three grandsons posted reduced times from their seed times in all but 4 of the 16 events in which they participated.

If you try to reach me over the next few Saturday mornings you will need to come to the swim meets. Or you can call my cell.  We will be the old couple in our easy chairs under the grey cover with cold water in our hands.  We come out of the cover to watch the races in which our grandsons compete.  Maybe a few races on either side of their events.  Then it is back to the shade and cold drinks.  Except we will have to have a cup of Jack Hate's Coffee when we first arrive.  Did I mention the meets start at 7 AM?  Do not call before we have had a cup of java.


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