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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Carpe Diem #542, Tapestry

bent back knotted hands
toil against harsh elements
making gold patchworks

weft embellishment
resolutely stalwart warp
entwined allure

Tapestry is the challenge word for August 19
When I think of tapestry as a seamstress I think of the feel of the finished piece.  Some tapestry is heavy some is light.  Both dependent on the yarn/thread weight.  That weight influences the texture whether smooth like silk or a rough, almost burlap texture.  I suppose our individual tapestries of life are akin to this.  Experience has shown that the changes in life cause variations in materials available to weave into the tapestry.  Broken threads, discontinued colors, the shuttle snags some of the threads.  The damage caused lies unseen.  Too far along to correct the problem.  Even if it becomes a wart on your nose.  Acceptance, adjustment, determination to move on allows continued work on the elegant fabric of one's life.

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