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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars #2, Kikaku's "The beggar"

Inspiration quote supplied by host

Kristjaan Panneman

[...] "When Soshi was about to die, his disciples wished to bury him in a grand style, but Soshi said, "My coffin will be Heaven and Earth; for the funeral ornaments of jade, there are the sun and moon; for my pearls and jewels I shall have the stars and constellations; all things will be my mourners. Is not everything ready for my burial? What should be added to this?" [...]

the beggar!
he has Heaven and Earth,
for his summer clothes

© Kikaku

the absence of breath
enshrouded in white blank stare
joyful reunion with love

She lay in the hospital bed after months of confused silence interrupted only briefly by clarity.  Her silent prayers were to once again be with her husband.  While being moved from hospital room to a hospice room on a different floor, her pray was answered.  On the same floor as her beloved husband had crossed the bar years before she made the same journey into his waiting arms.  We felt such joyful sadness for her.

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