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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Humor in Haiku

Björn Rudberg on "Haiku and Humor"

Humor in Haiku and renga is today's GW challenge.

We have had even classic example previously here, consider for example this one by Issa:

spring peace -
a mountain monk peeks
through the hedge

So today I (Chèvrefeuille) want you to either, write a classic haiku with humor embedded, or take a classic haiku (maybe from our earlier challenges), and to a tan renku, where your second stanza create an effect of humor through coarseness and disrespect. 

Do not be afraid, this is a day to be merry.

©  Janice Adcock

old monk naps by pond
fresh recruits cannot resist
loud noise monk falls in

grasshopper should show respect
help me out the old monk cries

young monks grasp old hands
fast tug finds three very wet
good humor monks friend

©  Janice Adcock

©  Janice Adcock

meditation view
Budda sits with rock in hand
rat stops to chat

conversation is not shared
crazed person plays whack a rat

        : D                   ( < ;

©  Janice Adcock
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