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Friday, September 19, 2014

What If

What If

The sky were red instead of blue
We did not age
Men shaved their legs instead of women
We could communicate with our minds.

People quit fighting
There were no weapons
Everyone had a weapon
The food was shared with all

Birds did not fly and people did
Wind never blew too hard
Wind was no more
Red sky was filled with yellow clouds

The wheel had not been invented
Oil had not been 'discovered'
Penicillin was still just a mold
People never were sick

The South Pole is really 'up'
There were no borders
Rats were not yucky
Hemorrhoids were a good thing

We had outgrown toenail that felt good
Everything was free
No one wore clothing
Kids did not have 'that smell' after hard play

Sex was not pleasurable
Childbirth felt good
Puppy breath was stinky
What if I just quit right now.  

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Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie
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