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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blowing In The Wind

Carpe Diem #611, 
spirit of the wind

The wail of the warning sirens awakens the senses.  A peek out the front door confirms the approaching storm clouds.  Gather all that is important and take cover.  Quickly.  In a tub with heads covered by blankets families protect their young.  In basements with heads covered, young and old huddle in fear.  As the walls shudder the air is filled with the sounds of breaking glass and wood.  The suction pulls at the arms of the mother desperately holding onto her child.  As suddenly as it came it is gone.  Leaving a path of brokenness.

sylphs wildly dance
in frolicsome circles -
collateral winds

©  Janice Adcock

The Midwest of the U.S. is nicknamed Tornado Alley.  One swath of land near my in-laws home was hit twice within a three year period.  We lived 25 miles to the east.  The tornadoes danced past us, too.  A ledger page from the 25 miles away location with the names of folks we knew fell in our yard.  Some of the damaged homes were just left to rot the second time they were hit.  Maybe you can glimpse a Sylph dancing a little to much in this video of the 2003 twister.

This video was filmed on a road we traveled when going to visit my in-
laws.  It was filmed by the local weatherman, Ted Keller.  It was in this area the ledger page we found was sucked into the boiling clouds.

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