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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Carpe Diem #597, 
Kudzu (or Arrowroot)

Kudzu is like a dirty word here in the south of the United States.  Introduced to help with the soil erosion problems of the 1930's kudzu has destroyed millions of acres of land by smothering the native plants.  When a suitable series of processes are performed, the kudzu can be eliminated.  And the soil is left nitrogen rich and usable for crops again.  The purple kudzu flower can be used to make a tea.  Some hangover remedies contain Kudzu.  One other use that is being researched is for Alzheimer treatment.

The kudzu flower is one of the seven sacred autumn flowers in the Japanese culture.  As in most cultures the harvest season is celebrated.  In Japan Otsukimi one of the names of the festivals is literally translated as the moon-viewing.  Festivals and parties are held celebrating the full moon and the waxing moon.  Not the wax on wax off of the Karate Kid movie.. you know, the stages of the moon.  But I digress.

If you click here you can read more of the basis of the Kudzu prompt for our haikus.

credit Kudzu

my fence--
the floating world's arrowroot
in full bloom

© Issa

tea of kudzu flower please
too much sake
©  Janice Adcock

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