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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ice Skating

Carpe Diem #628, 
Ice skating

As a small child growing up on a cotton farm in the blackland prairies of north Texas I had but one dream.  I wanted to be come an ice skater.  Each year during The Great State Fair of Texas, Mom and Dad would take my older sisters and  me to watch the Ice Capades.  The beauty of these performances would leave me dancing on the black dirt for days.  I told my teacher when asked what I wanted to be when I grew, "an ice skater!"  I remember her saying that was not something I could probably ever do as there were no rinks or schools in which to practice.  "Well, then I will paint pictures for the skaters," I responded.

The teacher was right in her observation about ice skating.  My own lack of discipline kept me from fully developing my drawing and artistic capabilities.  By the time ice rinks were being built in malls in the '80's, my knees were too messed up to allow learning a skill such as ice skating.  Now at 68 years old I allow the fear of a broken hip to restrain my desire to fly across the frozen water.  Occasionally I will sit in my easy chair, let go of my spirit and allow my mind to be on skates.  There for a few moments I glide, hearing the blades cutting designs in the ice. Feeling the spray coat my ankles and calves.  Moving magically and gracefully across the glassy ice.

winter's cold breath
caresses the skaters cheeks
as icy blades glide

as icy blades glide
she leans to the outside edge
the skater jumps

the skater jumps
twirling once - and a half
floating and smiling

floating and smiling
nailing the landing on edge
sighing in relief 

sighing in relief
the skater laughs as the goose
slides past -

©  Janice Adcock

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