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Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Year's Lessons

Carpe Diem #639, 
Last Year (Kozo)

looking back
2014 has passed away
nice thoughts remain

(c) Chèvrefeuille

2014 was a year of newness for husband and I.  In November of 2013 we moved into a one bedroom loft type apartment.  It took most of the year to find items we moved from our home of 21 years.  Well, that is not quite true as there are still a few things we look for as we need them.  Part of that is because we are 74 and 68.  Some days we find ourselves just looking for keys for half a day!  And not finding them.  

One should not leave home saying, "remember to leave the door unlocked as I do not have a key."  I did leave and finally had to give up getting back into our apartment where Husband was sleeping soundly.  I spent the night at a hotel.  An expensive lesson!  Need to hide a spare key....

A lesson or three we learned about sporting events fields is about the importance of numbers, addresses and GPS settings.  Some fields are not in the city limits that the GPS thinks they are located.  The lady in our GPS has a hearing problem as she is always sending us to some city that just sounds like "Austin".  Before leaving the apartment to head to an event have an address to type into the GPS.  It is best to carry a print out of the field layout with field numbers.  Make certain to check the main page of events websites as changes made will not show up on the copy I made.  Add thirty minutes extra time for getting lost.

Do not plan a trip sandwiched between two major events.  Two days after Thanksgiving weekend a quick trip to the coast where one returns in time to pick up a nephew at the airport can lead to a long day.  Our job was to get to the airport by 5 PM.  We made it easily by 4:15 PM after a 375 mile drive.  The airline was not as fortunate.  Multiple mechanical problems resulted in a 3 hour delay.  We pulled out of the airport around 8:30 PM.  During the wait time in the cell parking lot we learned how to program the Sirius stations on our radio.  We developed a further appreciation for public restrooms.

Life is uncertain.  Thanksgiving Day was spent watching Texas Longhorn and TCU Horned Frogs play football.  TCU won that game.  A more important event was playing out in a rural community in Oklahoma.  My Mom woke up a 2:47 AM.  She turned her head only slightly and could no longer see the clock out of her right eye.  She lay awake somewhat fearful.  Trips to an emergency room, calls to doctors in Texas and a speedy return trip to Dallas did  not change anything.  Tests, etc, confirmed Mom has a rare condition.  She is on steroids to manage the condition and hopefully save the vision in her left eye.  Three weeks later she fell and fractured her right wrist.  Life is uncertain.

Joy is where you make it.  In a nation were success is often defined in square feet, bank account numbers and carats, our lifestyle is a shock to some.  We decided not to ever own a home again.  We chose to go for a hybrid instead of an 8 person vehicle.  Living small in order to live large.  Instead of mowing and weeding we explore and take photos.  Instead of painting or stripping paper I write blogs  Living large by living small.  I like it.  Husband is adjusting.

Family is a treasure.  We lived near Husband's family for 38 years.  Those are treasured memories.  Simple lives lived simply.  Now we live withing 10 minutes of our son and his family.  That family has expanded with the addition of his girlfriend and her two children.  Cheering for the kids as they participate in sports, acting, drums and just life in general is ... exhilarating.  A smile or a hug from one of them is great.  Watching their delight as I make icing for the home made cinnamon rolls is euphoria.  Sisters, nieces, nephews and my Mom all add joy.  Family is better than treasure.

hearts soaring
surrounded by loved ones
sweet memories

©  Janice Adcock

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