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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Word of the Year 2015 - The Spin Cycle

Last year on The Spin Cycle we bloggers chose a single word for our year.  Click here to see my process if you would like.  The word was refresh and I accomplished all of the goal except a small amount of the book(s).  Actually, I am not sure where I put the second book as I continued to downsize, unpack, redefine and generally settle in to a new life style.  It seemed to help to have the word and acrostic poem on my fridge door as a reminder.  That is the only thing on the front of the fridge.

What shall I choose as my one word this year?  The last several years much time was spent reducing living area, possessions and expectations.  I have been in a state of contracting for too long.  When muscles are left in a contracted state they lose elasticity and shrivel.  My Dad once held up his hands and showed me how he could not straighten his fingers.  The tendons and ligaments had lost length and flex.  "Kid, you need to stretch out those fingers or you won't be able to straighten them some day."  So a least a couple of times a day I flex and stretch my fingers.  that is about I have been stretching lately.

With Dad's advise in mind, I am thinking stretch is what I need to do this year.  Stretch my mind.  Stretch my world, my understanding.  Yes, stretch my body and soul.  Stretch my compassion and outreach.  Test my limits in both writing and physical abilities.  Even our family is expanding with the addition of our son's girlfriend and her children.  I will be looking to her Dad as I learn more about birds and birding.  I sit hear with a smile on my face thinking about stretching in this new year.

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Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie

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