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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Carpe Diem #672, Summertime

Our inspirations:

H"ello everyone – this is Paloma, helping Chèvrefeuille once again. It has been such an honor to help out at "arpe Diem Haiku Kai while he relaxes ..."

Sonce, 1905, Rihard Jakopič

it seems to wash
the summer mountains...


© Issa
A summer river being crossed
how pleasing

with sandals in my hands!

© Buson

Here is Paloma's impression:

rising sun
paints her shoulders golden –
summer morning – 

golden morning
after a night of thunder -

how silent it is

It is difficult for me to read the word summertime without the strands of the Gershwin's song ringing in my mind.  Ms. Ella Fitzgerald did it so sublimely.  Nods toward the absurdity of the easy living in the summertime.  Like everyone's daddy is rich and all mums being good looking.  If one ever spent a summer in the cotton fields of Texas or on the plains of Australia one would snort at the thought of easy living.

The image painted by this song makes me think of a servant caring for the child of wealthy people.  Images of the USA's southern lifestyle of the wealthy float through my mind.  The servant while often black was my Granny Chandler at one point.  After migrating from the Smoky Mountains and canning factory work she became a nanny to a doctor's children.  Through this work situation Granny met her husband, the man she always called Mr. Chandler.

One wonders if Granny ever had much input into a relationship where her husband was called by such a proper name.  A relation ship where Mr. Chandler refused to pay the doctor an extra $2 to sew Granny back together after childbirth.  Was she ever more than a baby factory and a nanny to Mr. Chandler?  Easy living indeed.

fitful dreams
the window's stale breath
bringing no relief
©  Janice Adcock

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