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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #11 "baransu"

Our writing master and host of the blog, Chèvrefeuille, must be nothing but a single creative dynamo.  How else could he work full time as an oncology nurse, be a husband, father, grandfather and host several haiku memes.  Now he creates a new form of haiku! Truly a remarkably brilliant individual using all of his Creator's gifts.

The following is a portion of the latest creative endeavor from Chèvrefeuille.

The birth of a new Haiku Writing Technique.

As I started preparing this episode of Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques (CDHWT) and picked up the challenge to create a new haiku writing technique I had the Tan Renga in mind.
As you all know Tan Renga is a short chained renga composed by two poets. One poet writes the first stanza, the hokku, and the second poet writes the second stanza, the ageku, by associating on the images in the first stanza.
The first stanza looks like a haiku and has three lines (5-7-5 syllables) and the second stanza has two lines (7-7 syllables). What has this to do with Baransu, this newly created haiku writing technique? I will try to explain it.

Haiku has three lines as you all know and maybe we can bring balance in these three lines, by association. I will give an example (by the way the following haiku are just for explaining Baransu).

The task for this episode is to write/compose a 'baransu'-haiku and if possible, share your 'route of association' with us too.

Here are my examples another time:

a walk through the city
step by step I discover
a newly built world

© Chèvrefeuille

the old pond
yesterday ... Irisses bloomed
only a faint purple

© Chèvrefeuille

There is much more to Chèvrefeuille's post to be read by clicking here.

Here is my attempt at a balanced haiku, baransu.  The words to balance or associate the three lines are underlined

first warm spring morning
white wing dove singing love songs
she wakes to his kiss

©  Janice Adcock 2015

Not sure if spring and love are closely enough associated or not for this purpose.  I do feel love and kiss do associate sufficiently, smile.  Truth is I did not have to be very creative with this as it perfectly describes my beautiful beginning to the day!


Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for daily prompts on 


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