Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Thing Is ....

Carpe Diem #713, devotion

Part of my ritual each day is a time of devotion or introspection.  After firing up the laptop, I head for the folder on the bookmarks bar of my Google browser marked "daly dev".   Mis-spelled because the words have to be short as I have 12 folders and 15 individual bookmarks. Yes, I am somewhat obsessed with surfing the net, checking emails, social media and blogging. But I digress....

The time of devotion starts with a legislative prayer calendar from Texas Impact.  Each day during the session of the Texas state governing body one or two names of senators and/or representatives are given as suggestions for a prayer focus.  There is then a focus on either professions, parks or some object of significance for prayer.  A second prayer calendar is the United Methodist Women's daily set of mission and birthday focuses.  The missions are world wide.  The birthdays are of staff, missionaries, deaconess and others associated with UMW.

In addition to the two calendars,  a devotional from The Upper Room that includes Bible verses, a short article for reading, a prayer focus and a closing prayer.  Then there is the list of names from my church requesting prayers for various conditions or for praise of results.  There is, also, the 'click to give' site that counts clicks and sponsors provide various services.

Recently I became bored, that is what you read, bored with just placing names out there...  I have altered the routines to research the folks from the legislative and UMW calendars.  This is being very rewarding and informative.  Let me use one of the legislators in one morning's calendar, Sen. Kel Seliger.  This gentleman is the Chair of the State Senate Higher Education Committee.  Searching the internet for Sen. Kel Deliger resulted in several connection possibilities.  I checked two or three then settled on this video.   I felt better after watching this video.  I saw a willingness to work toward a common goal on several subjects.

The thing is I needed to know there are folks in this state caring about more than guns. Open carry is now the law in this state.  There is a group of folks in this and many other states that need guns, almost worship them.  They need guns in church, colleges, school and Wal-Mart. Now in Texas, officers cannot ask if the person has a permit.  To hear one of those folks seeking votes for open carry before its passage here in Texas click here.  Hope I do not touch him in the checkout line at Wal-Mart 'cause I really am not interested in seeing him 'mean' (his words).  I know the vast majority of gun owners do not act like that individual.

The other thing I am now wondering about is a couple openly carrying guns enter a business and want a pizza for their wedding.  Does the owner of the business for religious reasons have the right to refuse service?  Which amendment wins, One or Two? See what devotion can do to one's day?

in the name of God
devotees flock to leaders
- perceived calling

Creator's love goes unheard
in a tower of babble
©  Janice Adcock

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