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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Towel Mentality

Today's devotional was based on the Bible scriptures of Jesus washing the disciples feet. The person who wrote the devotional used a title of Towel Mentality and wrote of serving others.  I just spent two weeks visiting beloved cousins in another state.  The visit was spread between the homes of four different cousins.  My husband and younger sister were with me much of the time.  A second sister, her husband, a son and his wife joined us at the vow renewal ceremony of a cousin and her spouse.

These cousins treated our family as if we were royalty.  Luscious meals, wonderfully equipped bedrooms and baths and tours of the surrounding areas.  We played pool, aggravation and spent hours just talking about life experiences.  None of us were washing each other's feet but I felt my soul had been refreshed.  That I had been washed throughout my entire body with the most perfect liquid of all .. love.

selfless love spread lavishly on all life - salvation

May a peace that is beyond anything you have experienced fill you during this week of holy remembrance.  May there be understanding and respect between peoples of the earth.  May those of us that call our selves Christians be willing to adopt the towel mentality.  

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