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Sunday, April 19, 2015

without thought

Carpe Diem #709, God Realisation

Some days it feels a person's head could explode.  By Divine guidance or Happenstance, depending on one's point of view, input from multiple unrelated sources are bombarding one with a single message.  One grapples with the information, researching other sources, digesting it all inside the little grey cells.  As always a resulting conclusion will be shaded by one's past experiences and upbringing.  In the final analysis one is responsible to one's Self, to the Divine calling within .......

©  Janice Adcock

without thought
the sap rises
the bud emerges

without thought
the flower blossoms
the bees feed

without thought
the fruit is formed
the lemon ripens

without thought
the birds fly
Divinely free ....

©  Janice Adcock

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Shine the Divine

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