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Friday, May 15, 2015

all about mom's

In the mammal world, a mom suckles her young for a period of time.  Alligators protect the nest and young alligators.  Birds will feed their young.  Bear teach their young to hunt for food.  Almost no fish provide food for the young, most just drop the eggs and leave or die.

In therapy with abused children the counselor may guide the person to think of a person or persons that treat them in an appropriate manner.  The person chosen may never have any idea the impact they have had on a child's life. That person or persons can then be used as an example for the child when the child becomes the parent.

There are all sorts of mom's in a person's life.  There is the birth mom.  There is the grand moms.  Aunt moms, friend moms.  Classmate moms.  Mentor moms.  Teacher moms. Sometimes sister moms.  In the movie, "The Birdcage", the nurturing mother figure was not even a woman.  A mom can be whoever nurtures that part of a person that lives within one's body. That part that is the essence of one's being.

Thanks, Ginny for taking time to host another week of prompts for us bloggers over at The Spin Cycle.

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