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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

buried in moss

Carpe Diem #722 buried in moss

It is interesting to see how color schemes come and go.  Part of the fun of living into one's senior years is seeing how the old adage of 'everything that is old is new again' has played out with grandchildren.  In the 1950's in the early years of Rock n Roll pink, turquoise and black were very popular.  Pink ceramic tiles with black accent tiles lined many a bathroom wall in those years.  Turquoise Naugahyde furniture was everywhere.

There were poodle skirts with wide black elastic belts for the girls.  Guys would be sporting black and turquoise shirts with collars flipped up a-la James Dean.  Black suede penny loafers or black and white brogans with bobby socks would finish out the look for a bouncy pony-tailed ingenue.  They looked great cruising the strip of hamburger joints in the cool turquoise and white, finned tailed, white-wall tired autos.  Soda fountains with tables covered in pink, turquoise and black flecked Formica.

Recently a day was spent painting a teen's room.  She is 14 and loves soccer.  Her team is in the state playoffs next week.  She runs track and can hold her own in a home with 4 boys.  Cute as can be and has a bouncy ponytail.  Now she has a room painted with 3 turquoise walls, one black wall, accented with white shelves mounted on the black wall......

novice monk walks
in the shrine's verdant forest
mossy old growth found

©  Janice Adcock
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