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Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Kickoff

Over at the Spin Cycle Ginny Marie has asked how we will be kicking off our summer.  Being a lady of leisure in retirement summer is not a lot different than any other time of the year.  If we want to go someplace we only check the calendar for doctor appointments.  Or grandchild commitments.

That probably is the thing that defines summer at this point in life,  Instead of soccer, basketball or football we now sit at a swimming pool watching the grandsons compete.  We cheer them and their friends.  We visit with the parents of the grandsons friends.  We are among the few grandparents that are near enough to make just about every meet.

It is beginning of summer that our son is the primary caregiver of his sons.  We help with the shuttle and care needs during the daytime as the dad goes to work.  Unsupervised playtime with the grandsons.  This year will include trampoline duty....  that will be interesting.

This is how we will kick off the summer that has two trips included.  First will be my 50th high school reunion.  Five Ooooooh Yes.  Next will be an extended roadtrip for a family reunion.  We will then leave from there to go check off one of the last two state we have not visited.  And maybe visit a little more of Canada.

Oh, and of course the other thing I do to kick off summer is turn on the air conditioner....... in April.  I live in Texas.  Summer starts early.

Make sure you visti The Spin Cycle and get a few ideas for kicking off your summer.  Or better yet, write how you are kicking off summer...

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie

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