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Friday, May 15, 2015

the ancient woman

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #85, "the ancient woman"

The goal of the TRC is two write a second stanza towards the first, say a kind of "answer". For this week's TRC I (Chèvrefeuille) have chosen a wonderful haiku by Basho which he wrote in his younger years. This haiku he wrote at the age of 21.

Credits: Cherry tree view
The cherry tree is thought be personified, but the verse could be simply a play of words on another name of the higan-zakura cherry tree, the uba - old woman or nanny, zakura = cherry tree. There is also the thought that to see a very old cherry tree covered with the youth of new blossoms looks like an old woman wearing an abundance of powder and rouge.

uba-zakura saku ya rogo no omoi ide

the ancient woman
cherry tree blooms in old age
an event to remember                © Basho (at the age of 21)

like a young girl she stands
strong in the wind, the old sakura               (Chèvrefeuille, age around 50)

I (Chèvrefeuille) like this completion a lot ... how immodest ... (smiles) and now it's up to you, my dear Haijin, to complete this Tan Renga by adding your second stanza. Have fun!

Now for my, Janice, take on this challenge

the ancient woman
cherry tree blooms in old age
an event to remember                © Basho (at the age of 21)

each blossom a reminder
of her loves first tender kiss     ©  Janice Adcock (age 68)

As the days draw nearer to another anniversary, minds turn to those first giddy days.  Opening the door to carry the sack of trash to the dumpster and seeing Him for the first time.  Tall, handsome and smiling.  Standing with his friend with an uplifted hand preparing to knock on the door.  The plan was just to meet each other and have a beer or two....  And God smiles at the plans of men.

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