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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

under the tree

Carpe Diem #742 under the trees (an example of the karumi-style)

The nearby small town of Wimberley is home to about 2700 folks.  It sits on the banks of a lazy stream, the Blanco River.   It is a bit of a resort type area.  Quaint little shops made for a fun visit a few years back.  Sitting on a screened porch overlooking the stream eating a luscious lunch.  A pleasant memory.

After a six year drought in this area, the rains have begun .. in earnest.  One fair sized reservoir lake has risen 23 feet in 7 days.  That leaves Lake Travis still 35% below its normal level.  We are grateful for the rain.  But...... you knew that was coming ..... just a few days ago, the rains filled and overflowed the Blanco River.  It was almost a wall of water that created a flash flood.  Between 350 and 400 homes in Wimberley were either completely swept away or destroyed.  Another 1000 homes and businesses are damaged in varying degrees.  There are still 12 missing persons, several from one family.

Yesterday afternoon the torrential rains began again.  Wimberley was spared yet another flood.  But other communities were not.  Today businesses in Austin are shoveling mud out of their businesses.  More bridges are being closed due to stress damage from all the debris and high waters.  An earthen dam breached flooding surrounding areas.  This is a very first world area.  Pain and loss feels the same no matter the world....

a toy ...
under the tree
.... waiting

©  Janice Adcock

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