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Sunday, May 10, 2015

white blossoms

Carpe Diem #725, white blossoms

Gardenia blossoms have been one of my favorite flowers since I was a child.  On one of the few occasions I spent a few days with my Uncle Bud's family I slept next to an open window. Outside the window was a gardenia bush.  The scent that drifted through the window was at once sweet and fresh.  I was an immediate fan.  I was about 10 years old.  

I have always been in love intrigued by weddings and wedding gowns.  I know, I may have to tear up my liberated woman card, but I do love weddings.  As a child I would put on lace curtains and pretend they were veils.  Then I would hum or sing the wedding march.
You know the version:  Here comes the bride, big, fat and wide.  Here comes the groom, skinny as a broom.  Why did I know that tune to the wedding march?  Older sisters, I would suspect.

Once I was a flower girl for a beautiful woman.  She left her gown and veil at my mom's home as Mom had hosted the reception at our house.  I played wedding using her veil for days.  A couple of years later my older sister used that wedding gown for her wedding.  I was a junior bridesmaid in that wedding.  I was eight.

My Toni doll had a wedding gown that Mom made one year as part of the Santa gifts.  I still have the veil.  There actually came a time in my life when I was the bride.  A very 60's style gown.  Not a lot of fru-fru cause I was still a bit of a tomboy.  The veil was not long but suited my personality.  My bouquet was made of fresh beautiful, saucer sized gardenias.  The dreams of a child.

scattered white blossoms
whirled by the passing train
hobos perfume

©  Janice Adcock

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