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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

haiku joys

Today I did little other than some chores around the house.  The Bones marathon is still taking part of my mental being.  Not sure why, but I am bingeing on the show.  Took a couple of side journeys with The Butler and Cake. Two movies that were worlds apart.  Yet both about overcoming adversity.

In between I read or write haiku.  Though I do not do justice to many of the prompts, there is the occasional one the is pitch perfect.  That statement is not meant as anything other that an assessment of the need for additional practice in the art.  And practice is as simple as looking out the window of the apartment.  Seeing that distant farm.  Dreaming of Remembering playing in the loft with my bff Reba Jane.  Throwing rotten eggs out of the loft onto the barnyard.  Using the corn crib as a slide. Just remembering and dreaming of the very next adventure.....

a perfect rose
on the garden trellis

©  Janice Adcock
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