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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Not talking about a Beatles song, just thinking about the pleasure I had yesterday.  My youngest nephew has spent a couple of nights with us.  He has a new job but does not have access to his new apartment for another week.  It is fun to have him with us at dinner, to have him ask about things and just to be around him.  After all for most of his life I was the aunt 400 miles away, seen on holidays or vacations.  Uncle helped him research some of the deductions on his first "Grownup" paycheck.  Not an intern, not part time, not a barista but a 'real' job.

Sure, I could write about how it seems only a few weeks back I received my first paycheck.  That was not what yesterday was about at all.  It was about getting up earlier than usual to see the nephew off to his workday.  Then a trip to take the car in for some service and off to look at a new garden center.  I know, I know.  Where the heck are you going to put plants, Janice.  The seeds I planted all but washed away the day after they came up in the torrential rains that washed away homes and people.  But there are sufficient plants left to fill the area with color.

Yesterday was about the fountain on the patio.  The garden center, Hill Country Water Gardens could be sort of in a round about way a stop off coming back from the car dealership.  As it turned out, a wreck on I 35 had traffic almost to a standstill for over 8 miles.  We chose a different route to get to the garden center, though there was still evidence of the backup even on side roads.  The trip was so worth the visit.  A lovely setting and the staff was gracious, knowledgeable and helpful.

Unlike the water garden and fountains I had in Missouri, now I have just the one container fountain that once sat on my front porch.  There is no girl pouring water, just the pump running into a blown glass dish.  The dish is held by rocks.  And now the fountain has two lovely plants to dance as the water splashes.  I love it.  No digging for months on end.  No almost losing a digging instrument into an under ground emptiness.  No fish ... yet.  Just plants and the lovely sound of splashing water is not sufficient for the no longer young ....

A young guy, Roy Clark, singing.

The aged Roy Clark singing the same song .... 

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