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Monday, July 20, 2015


Carpe Diem #779 Seika (Midsummer)

Not folks who normally took midsummer vacations, the couple were a little anxious about being on such a long trip in summer's heat.  After all, they certainly were not getting any younger.  Encouraged by a family reunion taking place in a distant state, they decided to begin the trek.  By the end of the first eleven days the heat proved to not be a problem.  The temperatures were well below normal.  Abundant late spring and early summer rains had fields lush and green.  Trees still had the shiny leaves of early spring.  Rivers and streams were running bank full along the highways and byways of the Midwestern states.  The trip was idyllic. 

Well, except for them leaving the waterpik at the first house.  Then she losing some money at the race track but not more than a meal at chain restaurant.  Of course he did not see the distant hills quite as clearly.  Heaven only knows where his glasses were left  .......

making new friends
by the swift river's edge
two old goats eating
petra domina

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