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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

summer waves

Carpe Diem #771 natsu no nami (summer waves)

The heatwaves rose from the blackland prairie.  The illusion of a lake lay along the horizon.  The rows of corn in the opposite field were full of ears for eating not listening. Late afternoon brought the opportunity to cool off in the local swimming hole.  Squeals of delight from children and teens filled the air.  Adults would sit on the hoods of cars or join the kids in the cooling waters.  Minnows nibbled on your legs and kids learned to float in the waters of Rhine's Lake.

The a polio epidemic overtook the area.  Pools were closed.  The farm ponds and lakes were off limits.  No one went swimming in the evenings any more.  No more wading into the lake with the muddy bottom.  Just the the heatwaves and the illusion of a lake on the horizon....

humpback breaches!
from the music of the waves
an orchestra

© petra domina

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