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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Did Something Ever ....

The morning's devotional words jumped off the page.  Well, not literally, but figuratively for certain.  "Pray for someone who has never read the Bible."  Having never read the Bible is an alien concept.  One needs to ponder on that.  Is it a child learning to read?  A person never before exposed to the actual Bible?  Is it the Christian that has looked at the words but never really allowed the words to have the real meaning of the Creator's love for all creation?  Certainly the same could be asked of all sacred writings in all beliefs.

With the recent fall and 'mild' concussion, reading is being a treasure right now.  If more than 20 or so minutes are spent reading or writing a headache will begin.  Keep reading or writing and the headache gets worse.  Oh, how one can miss the interaction with other bloggers by reading their posts, their souls.  Which makes one wonder, are all writings both sacred and secular, just blogging from another era?  Thoughts placed on paper, bark, papyrus, clay tablets or the nearest cave wall someone sharing their life experience?  Sharing what life has taught living on this marvelous sphere we call earth?

the cosmic questions
searching through ancient texts
answers begat thought
©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock

Canadian Highway 17 between Bissett Creek and Deep River, 7/28/2015
When was the first time you read the Bible or other influential text in your life.  I cannot even the first time I read it.

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