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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What an Adventure!

A 5300 mile road trip from Austin, Texas, to Montreal, Quebec and back is something even for young folks. The emotions ran from highs to lows during visits with family, dear friends from our past and connecting with a new friend.  It was like a lavish 7 course dinner.  One I am still digesting.  It is almost too soon to really begin to recount to others the beauty, the tastes, the excitement, the pleasures and a few scares.

To start a trip with the fear of losing one's oldest nephew is a low.  Two days supporting my sister at his bedside was heartrending.  Only a transplant will resolve the issue.  From there to visit friends in the area from which we just moved was a high.  A low came as a close friend was put on hospice the day we left to begin the drive to a family reunion in Minnesota.

Spirits improved as we began to see the fields of grains nearing a time of harvest.  We visited some of the bridges from the movie, The Bridges of Madison County.  Homes and hotels designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in a small town in Iowa were a splendid surprise.  Picnics, family dinners, horse races and just being with my husband's far flung family was a definite high.

Post reunion activity started in Wisconsin.  Say cheese!  What beautiful terrain. The Dells, the dairy farms, more cheese and beer!  Five days we spent enjoying the fun of all things Wisconsin.  Mauston, The Dells, Madison, Milwaukee, Door County and Green Bay for a shot of the location of The Ice Bowl.

Crossing into Canada our hotel overlooked the Soo Locks.  An evening spent watching the sun set on the river was amazing.  The large container ships rising and falling in the locks is something to behold with nothing but the lights of the behemoths glowing.  Canada is splendid in every inch we have seen.  The fun of experiencing local eateries and foods to the natural beauty to all the historical buildings.  Wow.

And then came Montreal.  And our newest friend.  A fellow sister poet and sister of the soul.  What joy to sit and visit.  To relish the newness, yet feeling of forever in another person.....  For now that is all I can share of this glorious adventure.

a gaggle of geese
waddling along the shore
at sunset

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie

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