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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dolls Festival

Carpe Diem #836 Hina Matsuri (Dolls Festival or Girls' Day)

The Halloween carnival in the country school would have different booths.  The booths were fishing or darts or coin toss.  Some years you could pay to bob for apples.  The best dressed doll booth would always bring in 'good money'.  Whatever the booth it was simple as it was the making of the room mothers and the kids.  Funds raised would be used to purchase something for the classroom.  

This country school had been standing for several decades.  Built in the early 1900's it was attended by generation after generation of country kids.  Kids that turned into the fathers and mothers.  Wooden desks with initials of older brothers carved into the tops.  Wooden floors worn smooth by the feet clattering down the long center hall.  No indoor bathrooms and only open heaters for the winter.  Things were simple.

Simple till the Halloween carnival and the best dressed doll booth.  Mom's fashioned special dresses from scraps of the very best material.  Some mothers even bought material just for the outfits!  Voting was simply putting money in the jars next to the dolls.  Money could be collected ahead of time.   Little girls dreamed of hearing their doll's name called ....  

glimmers of hope
a diamond in the rough
unfired clay head

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Chambersville School, circa 1930's

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