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Friday, October 30, 2015

Kasuga Wakamiya Festival

Carpe Diem #847 Kasuga Wakamiya Festival

A last festival to celebrate three years of haiku prompts and writing.  The Kasuga Wakamiya Festival is deemed especially important culturally by the Japanese Government.  The mid December festival features traditional costumes, dances, food and other cultural arts, the largest for the nation.

One blogger I follow lives in Norway.  Each year there is a festival with folks dressed in traditional costumes.  I cannot think of Oktoberfest without thinking of Germany.  Carnival in Rio is a biggie as is New Orleans' Mardi Gras.  Surely there are other festivals throughout the world that are as important to the individual countries and communities.  But a festival that is important enough to have an official important cultural arts designation, I cannot think of one in the US.  No traditional costumes, foods, dances. I suppose it is due to our nation being a big stew pot of immigrants.

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