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Sunday, October 4, 2015

my daddy owned ...

Today my husband was channel surfing on our TV.  Not many channels to surf since we have chosen to not subscribe to any type of service.  Have just a flat antenna clipped in a location to receive local channels.  Of course the 'smart tv' has internet access to YouTube and Netflix can fill lots of hours with entertainment.  But I digress.  The local PBS station in Austin provides many hours of musical entertainment.  Hubby paused on one of those shows for a few moments. ".. my daddy owned a hardware store .. " drifted across the room on the waves of Lee Ann Womack's voice.  Smiling to myself these words came to my mind:

my daddy worked on washing machines
most honest repairman you've ever seen
at his funeral a sweet customer told
that Dad knew where all the keys were holed
with honest rates and stories to tell
all who knew him fell under his spell

A flawed but honest man, Daddy died just short of 90 years old.  He did not quit working on 'major' home appliances till just a couple of years before that.  In the last year or two he could not remember how to put things together when he disassembled them.  He became a broken spirit, spending hours on the commode convinced he had soiled himself.  That big, strong man that could move a refrigerator from a wall with one arm while laying on his back was no more.

But the memory remains:
my daddy worked on washing machines
most honest repairman you've ever seen

Daddy and me

Daddy being proud of the rails we girls gave him for his 80'th birthday.

Daddy in his back yard spinning yarns for the family.

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